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Statement On Barbara Comstock's Vote In Favor Of Hurting Northern Virginia Families From Paul Pelletier, Democratic Candidate For Va-10

“I am angry, though not surprised, that Representative Barbara Comstock voted in favor of the Republican tax bill. Bipartisan experts have shown that this bill will devastate the hardworking families of Virginia’s 10th Congressional district. The House bill eliminates the lion’s share of state and local tax deductions forcing Virginians to be taxed twice on their hard earned wages just so the Comstock’s donors can enjoy a fat tax cut.

More than 51% of VA-10 families, one of the highest percentages in the country, received nearly $5 billion in tax relief from the lawful and fair SALT deductions. Gutting this relief will rob many hardworking families and homeowners of income they desperately need to pay bills.

Barbara Comstock continues to remind us that she always puts her party before the needs of the good people of Northern Virginia and that her first priority in Congress is to support Paul Ryan and Donald Trump’s dangerous agenda. This constant dereliction of duty demands new representation!”

Date Published: 
Thursday, November 16, 2017