My entire adult life has been devoted to public service and fighting fraud, waste and corruption. This is what fueled my work, initially as a cop, and then as a federal prosecutor for nearly 27 years at the Department of Justice. I passionately fought to make a real difference for taxpayers and victims and to lock up criminals, no matter their wealth or title. To achieve results, I’ve never been afraid to speak the truth or, if necessary, to go against the grain. Obviously, I’ve never been a politician.

Now the bad actors I want to take on include establishment politicians, whom I’ve gone after before. Too many of them, including our own Member of Congress, go along to get along and are more worried about delivering for their Party leaders than for their own constituents. With your help and support, I’m looking forward to taking my passion, commitment and drive to Congress and fighting to help you and your family.

- Paul


Paul Pelletier built a lengthy and extraordinary public service career as one of the nation’s most successful and innovative no-nonsense federal prosecutors. His distinguished career, marked by bold, decisive and game-changing leadership, was burnished by solving complex problems and holding criminals accountable. Paul’s record of getting things done with passion, toughness and smarts is a skill set that we desperately need in Congress today.

Paul earned hard-fought convictions in a broad array of criminal cases across the country, including complex financial fraud, domestic and international corruption, drug trafficking, and health care fraud. Paul also directed the public corruption prosecutions of Jack Abramoff, former Congressman Robert Ney, and former Congressman William Jefferson. One of Paul's most enduring legacies is the creation of the Department of Justice's Health Care Fraud strike forces across the US, which continue to save taxpayers billions of dollars.

Paul has twice been recognized by the U.S. Attorney General with the Department of Justice’s highest honors for his efforts fighting fraud and drug trafficking. In fact, one of his drug cash seizures -- nearly $200 million he located in secret Swiss bank accounts -- earned a spot in the Guinness Book of World Records as the largest drug cash seizure at that time.

Paul is a frequent and well-regarded speaker, writer and commentator on issues of federal law enforcement including government investigations in the health care and financial services industries as well as anti-corruption issues. Paul serves as an adjunct professor at Georgetown University Law Center.

Apart from his success as a prosecutor, Paul, a father of two, is an avid marathon runner, youth hockey coach and sports fan. As a former Advisory Board member of the Children’s Cancer Caring Center’s Camp Fiesta, Paul has supported the week-long free sleep away camp for children afflicted with cancer and served as a camp counselor there for more than 20 years. Paul is also involved as a mentor to at-risk youth as a Big Brother of America volunteer.

As a prosecutor, Paul encouraged his teams "to think big, move quickly, and have a positive impact." Cutting through the clutter to solve problems and getting things done are the hallmarks of Paul Pelletier’s career, and what he will bring to Congress.